Majors Baseball (League Ages 10-12)

Little League Baseball – known as the Major division, is generally oriented for experienced players who are ten through twelve years old. Occasionally some nine year olds are drafted into the division, with SALL Board approval.

Typically, a Major division player will have played at least two years in the Minor divisions and should have mastered the fundamentals of batting, fielding and throwing. Trained volunteer umpires enforce Little League Baseball and Local Board Adopted Rules. Game score and division standings are kept.

Excluding the previously mentioned age guidelines, the division separation is primarily by skill and the teams are formed through a formal draft conducted by the managers after tryouts are complete. To ensure equitable distribution of talent, all players not already rostered on a Major division team must attend tryouts. If a player misses tryouts, he/she may be made ineligible for Majors and go through a blind draft process to be placed on a minor division team. We do not permit parents dictating the division level. If you have legitimate concerns on your child’s ability to compete at higher levels, we will do our best to make accommodations.