Where do we play our games?

SALL now has nine (9) fields located in its complex located on Osceola Elementary School Road, off SR207 (See map). We also have access to the Osceola fields. The majority of our games and practices are held at our complex. Occasionally, we do some interleague play which involves play at other parks. This could involve travel to Jacksonville, Baker County, Fleming Island, Palm Coast, Yulee, Callahan, Hillard, or Mill Creek. We also have permission from the county Parks and Recreation Department and St. Johns County School Board to supplement these fields by using the local elementary school fields and parks in the area for practices.

Why does my child need a tryout time?

Actually the word “tryout” is a misnomer. A more accurate term used by some leagues to describe this process is “Player Review”. A tryout or player review is held to give each player, age 8 to 16 an opportunity to show the managers and board members the skills they have learned. Managers and board members assess player skill levels, and use this information to draft teams. Once a player has made a Major or Senior team, he/she returns to his/her existing team, and does not participate in tryouts. To understand what is required during your child’s tryout, and to ease any apprehensions he or she may have, speak to a VP.

How does the Draft work?

Drafts are usually held during week nights following Tryouts. On the night of the draft, each Major or Jr./Sr Manager is given a list of players eligible for the draft. Based on each manager’s judgment of a player’s level of play, each manager takes turns drafting players to their respective teams until their rosters are full. After the Major Draft has taken place, the remaining players are drafted to the Minor teams. Jr/Sr Players are drafted until all are assigned a team. The goal of the draft is to distribute the talent as equitably as possible to assure well-balanced teams. Special rules regarding manager or sibling options, or the number of players of any given age per team also apply. The Player Agent in accordance with International Little League rules handles these and any other special extenuating circumstances.

What if my child cannot be present at tryouts?

As soon as you know that you will not be able to try out on your appointed day, please contact us via the Contact Us tab on this website

What if I prefer to have my 10-year old child play at the Minor level?

You may request to have your 10-year old remain at the minor level. However, your request must be in writing, and in the hands of the Player Agent prior to the day of Tryouts. However, your child should still attend tryouts so that his /her level of play can be observed by managers and the Board.

In accordance with International Little League rules, if a vacancy occurs at the Major level, and in the opinion of the Player Agent and your child’s coach, your 10-year old’s skill level has improved to the point that he/she could play effectively and safely at the Major level, he/she will be asked to move up to that division. Not only is it important that Major teams maintain equivalent player numbers, a child who has shown remarkable improvement should be given the opportunity to move up as vacancies permit.

When will my child be notified of his/her team assignment?

Minor, Major, Junior and Senior Managers receive their player rosters upon completion of the draft, and may begin contacting their players on the day following. T-Ball and Jr. Minor teams may be notified earlier. If you have not received a call shortly after the draft please contact us via the Contact Us tab on this website.

How long does the season last and how much of a time commitment will there be?

The St. Augustine Little League Spring Season begins the first part of March, with practices beginning as early as mid February. Teams will hold practices 2-3 times per week, depending on playing level. Following SALL Opening Day, regular season games commence. You can expect your child to play 2-3 games per week (more or less) through May. Following regular season play, some divisions will have post season tournament play.  The Fall Season runs September to mid November.

Do I have to supply the equipment for my child’s team?

SALL provides the practice and game equipment with the exception of the child’s glove and shoes. Players may bring their own bats, if they so desire. Balls, bats, and catcher’s gear are supplied by SALL.

What do I need to buy to start playing?

Each player will receive a uniform shirt and a cap. You will need to purchase baseball cleats (rubber or plastic, metal for Jr/Sr League), a fielder’s glove, and an athletic supporter (suggested for male athletes). Gloves should fit comfortably on their hand and should be easily opened and closed. All personal equipment should be labeled with the child’s name.

Other questions?  Drop us a line, we’ll get back to you…