Safety of the players, spectators and officials is our main concern at St.Johns County Recreation & Parks Department

No weather event is more dangerous than lightning. Because of this threat, we have installed the Thorguard Lightning Prediction System. This system can provide advance warning of a lightning hazard, allowing you the time to seek shelter. The system continually monitors and evaluates the electrostatic atmosphere and predicts the probability of a lightning hazard in the immediate area of our facility.

You will be alerted by one loud horn blast that will last 15 seconds.

Upon hearing the horns, everyone should seek shelter immediately.

When this occurs, strobe lights located on the top of the horns will activate and remain active while under a weather alert. Every attempt should be made to seek shelter in a safe environment. The Thorguard system will determine when conditions are safe to return to your previous activities

Three 5-second blasts will indicate that everything is all clear and the strobe lights will cease operation.

SEEK SHELTER AT: Permanent Buildings & Vehicles



  • Athletic Fields and Bleachers
  • Bodies of Water
  • Doors & Windows
  • Isolated Trees
  • Open Areas
  • High Elevations