T-Ball Division (League Ages 5-6)

The T-Ball Division is a training process by which young players can learn, develop and practice fundamental baseball/softball skills at an early age, and receive maximum enjoyment from the experience.

Most players ages five through six have not developed skills to pitch accurately or to hit a pitched ball. Consequently, neither the batter nor fielders are given ample opportunity to develop fundamental hitting and defensive skills outside an organized T-Ball program.

The younger player benefits in several ways by hitting the ball from a “tee.” He or she has the opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination and swing technique without the fear of being hit by a pitched ball. The defensive team is allowed more opportunity to develop fundamental fielding skills. Players will learn the basics of the game as well learn how to be coached and be a member of a team.

Within SALL, five and six year olds play in T-Ball. Each player hits off the tee and all players bat each inning, regardless of the number of outs. No official score is kept as the program is intended to be instructional instead of competitive.